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Warranty and Consumer Service:


An issue with your LAPS watch, we are here to help you.

LAPS takes in charge the repair of your warrantied watch.

We invite you to follow the procedure of repair below:

Procedure of repair:

  1. After making sure your watch is still under the 2 year warranty, send us an email through our form explaining the dysfunction you are facing with your LAPS followed by your personal details (Full Name, Postal Address, Phone Number and date of purchase)

  2. When receiving an email confirming that we will take care of the repair, send us your watch to the address below.

  3. We will repair your watch and send it to you for free directly to the address you provided.

You can also bring your watch directly to our workshop for a quick repair. Please make sure you book an appointment either by sending an email to contact@laps.fr or by contacting us by telephone +33(0)1 77 11 44 22.

Adresse of our workshop:

10 Rue de Bellechasse

75007 Paris



LAPS takes charge of the repair of products under guarantee. LAPS offers a guarantee of 2 years from the purchase date. The receipt as proof.

The guarantee limits itself to the repair or the replacement of or products presenting a defect, and cover the functioning of the movement quartz, with the exception of the battery.