"Company editing watches
as a medium for artistic
and crafted creations. "

A story

LAPS emerged few years ago when his founder, Antonin Mercier, decided to leave the Art Market.

Influenced by the environment of fine object in which he grew up, he designed the concept of a watch made in limited edition and turned this medium into a playground to express his passion for history, photography and materials.

This personal guideline set the course of LAPS where are mixed this universal object and multiple references to create a stylish, unique and timeless watch. Through the limited editions, the brand is keen to build bridges with the arts and craft worlds by developing eclectic collaborations.


  • Please unique personalities with pure elegance.
  • Value and preserve unique know-hows
  • Providing a different look on the Arts world.



From all over the globe, vintage or contemporaries, those pictures are an invitation to dreams and musing.

Women signature Men signature



Exotic leathers, cigar leaves or precious woods, any of these singular materials is carefully sourced from rigorous suppliers before being handcrafted in our workshop.

Women materials Men materials

A Timeless Classic

To draw the watch case specific to LAPS, we have worked on lines from the Art Deco period characteristic of the 30’s to which we have given a personal twist.
Modern and stylish, this rectangular shape matches perfectly with the dials of both collections and changes its style from one strap to another.

Watch Case

Gold | Silver

With its rectangular shape, it renews a classic from the 30’s.


Materials | Signature

Use of Fine Arts prints and noble material shaped at our workshop.

Watch Band

12 colors

Made of braided perlon or leather, you can switch it in no time.

Limited Edition

Numbered cases

As a part of a limited run, each LAPS comes with its serial number.

The LAPS Workshop

It’s in Paris, under the skylight of an almost ordinary workshop, that every LAPS dial is handcrafted.