your LAPS

The first steps
with your LAPS.

LAPS' watches



  Made of stainless steel (316L) it protects the dial and the movement.


Parts at the edges of the case made for holding the strap.


Metallic stems of different sizes (18mm and 20mm). They fit between the lugs and tie the strap to the watch.


Knob you use to set the watch on time which is stamped with the LAPS logo.

Hour hand

*Hours hand
The hand for hours

Minutes hand

*Minutes hand
The hand for minutes

Second's hand

*Second's hand
The hand for seconds


Part on which is affixed the material or the Fine Art print of your LAPS

Width between lugs

*Width between lugs
Space between the lugs where the spring bars are placed.

Back case

*Back case
Metal part at the back of your LAPS which seals the case and allows its waterproofing.


Atmosphere; reference which indicates the waterproofing of your watch based on it resistance to pressure.

Advice 1  Get Started with your LAPS

Every LAPS comes in a case with its serial number and the strap you have picked.

We have designed the LAPS watches so that you can place and change their straps the easiest way. Their length is made to fit to the greatest number of people and can be adjusted perfectly at the buckle.

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Advice 2 : Switchable straps

Change the style of your LAPS in no time. To place the LAPS on your wrist, make the strap slip between the lugs on both sides of the watch to remove and replace it!

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Advice 3 : Replacing a spring bar

If a spring bar gets away, here is how to put it back on your LAPS :

> Put one end of the spring bar in the notch placed in the inner face of the lugs.

> Press on the free end of the spring bar to place it in the opposite lug’s inner face.

> Make sure that the spring bars are well placed to avoid it to pop out again.

You can now slip your strap to your LAPS and place it on your wrist!

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Here are pieces of advice to keep your LAPS fresh!



Depending on the model, LAPS watches are fitted with either a Swiss or Japanese movement which both need a battery to work.
Those batteries have an average lifetime of 2 years. To replace it we advise you to visit a professional who will have the proper tools to manipulate the watch and insure its integrity.



Most of LAPS straps are made of a braided synthetic material called perlon, which is similar to nylon. So it is very resistant with a lifetime of several decades.
If it gets soiled or loosened, just wash it with soaped water and it will be as good as new!



Your LAPS has a 3ATM water resistance which equals to a 3 bars pressure.
Hence, your watch will resist washing hands splashing and rain, but it will not maintain to be plunged into water.
So think about taking it off before diving or taking a shower!

Spring Bars


On every watch a spring bar can pop out. But it can handily be replaced by yourself. .
If this issue happens to your LAPS, you can have it replaced by any watchmaker. Else, please feel free to contact us via the contact page of the website and we will send you some replacement ones.


We attach a real importance to the manufacturing of our watches. If you encounter any issues with your LAPS please contact us at SAV@laps.fr

If you accidentally break the glass of your watch, or if you need any repair that is not covered by the warranty (changing the battery, replacing a component after the expiration of the warranty date…) please do not hesitate to reach us, we will be here to help.

As a reminder, we provide a 24 months’ warranty starting from the buying date. The warranty covers any pieces of the watch presenting a manufacturing defect. This includes the quartz movement (excluding the battery). Any manipulation on your LAPS has to be made by an official repairer or our team, otherwise the warranty will be void.