Find out all about LAPS, our collaborations and the stories behind each of our editions..

LAPS x citéco

LAPS X Cité de l'Economie.

For its collaboration with the Citéco, LAPS has produced a very limited series with real fragments of 100 and 500 euro banknotes.

LAPS X À Rebours.

For the opening of the Lafayette Foundation's concept store, LAPS collaborated in the creation of a unique model that reflects the codes of this amazingly designed space.

LAPS X Sentou.

As part of its collaboration with Sentou, LAPS created a new collection of watches made up of artisanal japan lamps.

LAPS X Ne-Net.

In 2019, LAPS inaugurates a collaboration with the Japanese brand Ne-net. This exclusive edition of 250 unique pieces has been made from fabrics.

LAPS X Jean-Louis la Nuit.

On the occasion of its collaboration with the new concept store Jean-Louis La Nuit, LAPS develops two models inspired by the 80s.

True to our DNA, we are constantly looking for original materials for our creations, such as peacock feathers.

Find out more about the origin and interests of the vegetable tanned leather chosen by LAPS in order to offer you the most beautiful finishes on our products.

Tribute to Indian culture and Bollywood cinema with this Raj Kumar edition, a true reference having played in more than 70 films.

LAPS is the only watch brand to have been awarded this label by the Paris City Council. Created in 2017, it rewards brands with a Parisian manufacturing process.

In this article, discover the origin of one of the strong symbols of American culture that inspired many artists.

LAPS dedicates a model to the Suffragettes, as a tribute to this movement which enabled women to obtain the right to vote.

Back in pictures on the events of May 68 and the posters created at the time by the students of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts.

Who are the Freaks? Learn more about the origin of this name and the inspiration behind the limited edition "Delina" created by LAPS.

LAPS is inspired by the Lucha Libre for a limited edition. Find out more about this sport that attracts spectators of all ages.

End the debate by reading this article on the origins of watchmaking in France and Switzerland.

Discover or rediscover the history of the famous Parisian department store Le Bon Marché with this article.

Direction Asia with the Wave model in Japanese Washi paper. To make this dial, LAPS uses paper made according to the Japanese handicraft method.

Lean more about the american Hobos and the invention of their own code system that allowed them to communicate with each other.

LAPS is inspired by the most famous criminal couple of the 20th century, Bonnie and Clyde, for an eponymous model and lets you discover their portrait.

The Kitsch rises up behind every pictures taken by the English photographer Martin Parr and in the dials of these two limited editions.

LAPS is inspired by the work of ethnologist Edward S. Curtis with North American tribes and create two special editions.

Symbol of bold women, LAPS shares the courage and fighting spirit of one of the rare Samurai women, Nakano Takeko.

More about the Society of Ambianceurs and Elegant People (SAPE, in French), through the lens of the photographer Daniele Tamagni.

Each LAPS watch is designed like a cabinet of curiosities, discover in this article the many materials that reveal themselves in the dials.