Feather Art


- 13/11/2018 -

The feather symbolizing power, wealth and virility adorned exclusively the male hairstyle until the middle of the 18th century. It will no longer be a man's item in the following century, but its use will nevertheless be perpetuated on uniform hairstyles, civil or military, which were called panaches. Now you know where the expression "with panache" comes from!

From peacock hatters in the 13th century to plumbers of panaches in the 16th century, as well as the guild of master plumbers and plumbers under Henri IV, the history of plumasserie is not a simple one. The feather reached its peak in the Belle Époque, synonymous with refinement and elegance, highly prized in women's fashion. In the Paris of 1900, a feather worker was to be found on every street corner. Today, it is known in the world of luxury and ceremonial costumes.

At LAPS, we wanted to revisit the feather work by bringing a modern touch to it. Faithful to the brand's DNA, we are constantly looking for original materials, never seen before in a watch.

LAPS participates in preserving this disappearing artisanal know-how. For this project, we had to develop an original assembly technique. The development process was long and complicated before arriving at the final result. Indeed, the featherwork requires precision and inventiveness. Each feather, once cut, is applied by hand with millimetric precision, offering us an infinity of shapes and colours until we find the perfect combination.

Immerse your gaze in the infinite details obtained on the surface of your LAPS dial. More than just an accessory, it's an exceptional piece.