Parisian manufacturing .

Prioritizing work with French artisans and partners, we make most of our dials by hand using the know-how of the crafts and printing techniques. From the laboratory to our workshop on rue de Bellechasse, our artistic dials are imagined, developed and shaped with local actors.

The choice of such an environment assures us a controlled production, reducing stocks in order to produce only what is necessary.


Italian and French

All our leather bracelets are made from Italian or French calf leather. We are considering the development of alternatives such as vegan leather, however the current offerings of recycled vegetable materials such as apple or pineapple skin contain a large amount of plastic. Considering that these options are not compatible with our approach to reduce plastic waste, we have chosen to privilege the quality of a European and biodegradable animal leather.

Note that we also offer a wide range of braided perlon bracelets 100% Vegan, which offers a lighter alternative, easily adaptable and with a lifespan of several decades. 



All our boxes are made from recyclable paper and materials. We have made it a point of honor to design plastic-free packaging in order to reduce the impact of our products as much as possible. We are developing this type of box for all our ranges and are working with our partners to eliminate the use of plastic in our entire supply chain and manufacturing. 


In an environmental approach, we suggest that, during your purchase, we replace the box of your watch with a simple Kraft envelope to limit the creation of waste and the carbon footprint of transport. In doing so, we agree to donate €5 to the benefit of an association committed to protecting the environment.


Aware of the impact of batteries on the environment and in order to ensure their recycling in an appropriate circuit, we take charge of replacing your battery for free at the LAPS workshop. On the other hand, we are working on developing models with automatic movement, without batteries and more respectful of the environment.

Digital footprint.

Today, the digital environmental impact represents a major ecological issue. We have chosen to work with an eco-responsible host whose servers in France are supplied with renewable energy. Their implantation in France reduces energy consumption due to data transport.