Art and Matter


- 20/04/2016 -

As a limited edition watch editor, LAPS goes on a quest for rare materials and unusual textures. It is about traveling through the tangible, meeting the craftsmen, refining the raw beauty, capturing their appeal to better render it.

While each dial of LAPS watches is designed as a cabinet of curiosities, many materials are revealed in the dials, such as thousand-year-old oak, black ebony from Gabon or Macassar ebony.

Macassar Ebony
Sapelli Wood
Cigar leaf

Some of the woods we use are more than 3,000 years old. It is like having a watch with a dial made of a prestigious material, a time capsule that has known everything at once: the foundation of Rome and Carthage, the reign of Ramses IV, Solomon and Nebuchadnezzar...

In summary, a LAPS watch is offering and collecting a piece of handmade history.

Torcedor Nica

Nicaraguan cigar leaf


Bodhi tree leaf

Torcedor Cuba

Cuban cigar leaf