LAPS in Korea


- 30/07/2021 -

Subtle fusion between an invitation to travel, and a funny incarnation of the French Touch, LAPS editions tell the story of a meeting between various horizons. In the last few months, these encounters have taken us to South Korea. Take a one-way ticket to Seoul, to discover this new trend-setting country.

Driven by an important cultural wave, Korea has become in a few years a territory of opportunities and style. Carried by social networks, the first trends coming from this Asian country take over the world of music and beauty. These pop movements honor artists, creative, passionate, whose sense of style cannot be ignored. After the advent of K-pop and K-beauty, it is naturally in the world of fashion that Seoul continues its cultural development. From the video clip to the Fashion Week there is only one step.


On the streets of Seoul, the urban styles reveal a taste for loose, comfortable cuts perfectly complemented by a fashion attitude reflecting a minimalist and Instagrammable aesthetic. The whole thing is brightened up by trendy and bold accessories.

It is in this context, and while some major French luxury houses have already embraced the Korean hype, that our watches have made a place for themselves into this new hub of creativity, adorning the handles of Korean it-girls and it-boys such as @vivid, @ejiyand,, @_morangmorang_ and many others ...

Our watches that rock the streets of Seoul: