Perlon Strap Guide


- 06/08/2021-

When it comes to accessories, as in love, it's sometimes we tie up then we get tired. After several years with the same watch on your wrist, you need to spice up your style, and bring a little twist to your daily life.


Our wide range of perlon straps allows you to personalize your Prima and Signature models to suit the seasons and your desires. At LAPS we were among the first to reintroduce the trend of this material in the world of French watches. But what is behind this fashionable and colorful accessory? Where does it come from? What is it made of? Is it resistant? All the answers to your questions are in this article.

What is perlon ?


It is a material similar to nylon, created in Germany, which made its comeback in the watch industry a few years ago. It can be found in the form of braided bands. At LAPS, you will find three types of braiding (1: Simple, 2: Chiné Croisé, 3: Chiné Moucheté)



What are the advantages of perlon?


With its vintage look, and its lightness, the perlon strap combines comfort, practicality and esthetic. Perfect for hot weather, it was used on some military watches as a "tropical" band. Very flexible, it is also easily adjustable to your wrist thanks to a closing system that slips between the meshes of the braid. Last but not least, Perlon is 100% Vegan.



How to make my perlon strap last ?


Easy to maintain, your perlon strap will accompany you for years. Do not hesitate to use soapy water to revive its colors.


How to swap my perlon bracelet ? 

Sometimes a demonstration is better than a long speech: 

In gold, green or cobalt blue our new Perlon bracelet colors are perfect for your summer: