Parisian Subway's secrets


- 14/01/2022 -

The subways, and in particular the important Parisian network of 225.1 kilometers for 16 lines, have always fascinated. Filled with mysterious stories, ghost stations, sealed tombs, secret passages, follow us on a journey to discover the French capital's underground with a few surprising anecdotes:


When we talk about subway secrets, we first think of the legendary ghost stations. In Paris, there are stations that do not appear or no longer appear on the maps and yet they are right under our feet. Some like Porte Molitor / Murat and Haxo never even opened. Others have been reinvented and given a second life, like the former Croix-Rouge station, which will soon become the city's first underground bar.

Rehabilitation project of the old Croix Rouge station
Rehabilitation project of the old Croix Rouge station

There are also stations that bear witness to the past management of Parisian transport. Indeed, before being administered by the RATP, the subway belonged to two competing private companies, the CMP and the Nord Sud. Some stations like Solférino (a few steps away from our workshop/showroom) keep in memory of this time the inscription NS (Nord Sud) on their sign's ornaments.


Another unusual anecdote: did you know that it takes 15 hours to go around the entire subway station? This is the challenge that one of the YouTubers of the French collective Le Tatou had set himself, he also went to discover what happens after the Terminus.


Just as unusual, it is possible to hear the song of crickets in the subways. They have colonized the Parisian subways for years and are even defended by the LPGMP (Ligue de Protection des Grillons du Métro Parisien i.e. League for the Protection of Crickets in the Paris Metro).

Sign of the Solférino station
at a few steps from our Parisian workshop

The Parisian subway is full of other secrets and stories that have been shared since it was put into service more than 120 years ago. It is now a true symbol of Paris, and became part of the city's imaginary, paved with iconic subway entrances. The French city's subway network is much more than just a transportation system. And at LAPS, too, the city's famous underground grid has become emblematic. From Barbès to Belleville, passing by Odéon and Palais Royal, our Prima and Signature size metro models are making sensation in the streets of Paris but also in Seoul. Seducing influencers, lovers of their neighborhood, and travelers, they have become true LAPS icons, highlighting the must-see itineraries of the City of Light.

Belleville. Prima

orange perlon strap

Palais Royal. Signature

beige perlon strap

Barbès. Prima

blue croco leather bracelet