- 11/03/2022 -

Last year we launched a new initiative to continue our approach towards a more eco-friendly production. In order to reduce the waste creation and the transport carbon footprint, we propose to replace the box of your watch by a simple Kraft envelope when you buy a watch online. When you choose this option, we engage ourselves to donate 5€ to an association committed to the protection of the environment.

Thanks to your commitment, in 2021, 1220€ have been collected for Noé to support its actions in favor of the protection of wild pollinators. In a context where ordinary natural environments (essential habitats for the maintenance of biodiversity) are impoverished and disappearing, Noé contributes to their restoration and defends a vision of the territory that takes into account these natural infrastructures.

In practice, the money collected contributed to the creation of 950 hectares of flowering meadows sown in France in one year. But it also allowed to enrich the technical and educational resources to raise awareness and educate on the importance of the protection of wild pollinators.

In 2022 this initiative continues with an another association! Join our commitment by choosing to receive your watch in a Kraft envelope! See you at the end of the year to find out how much money was raised!