Ride or Die


- 04/08/2016 -

LAPS unveils the portrait of the most famous criminal couple of the 20th century, Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie & Clyde meet for the first time in 1930. Young and in search of adventure, it is love at first sight between the two. In no time, they embark together on an unprecedented adventure.

Robbing banks and stealing cars, they will be nicknamed by the press the most glamorous gangster couple of the 20th century. 

Bonnie and Clyde,1933
Clyde Barrow mugshot, 1928
Bonnie Parker, 1933

Specialized in armed robbery, Clyde became an outstanding gunman. During their 3 years on the run, they drive stolen Ford V8 models. Clyde will not hesitate to praise the merits of this car in a letter addressed to the founder of the brand, Henry Ford. As they continue their journey, the couple will gain in popularity. Seen as victims of the Great Depression, they become a symbol of hope and rebellion for the working class. Despite their growing popularity, the couple does not stop and will be accused of killing more than 12 people. This last information will alert the FBI, who will make it their mission to arrest them. Through a variety of sources, the feds are able to determine their location and their next target. Driving at high speed on a Louisiana highway, the mythical couple do not see the ambush set by FBI agents and are killed on May 23rd 1934. Approximately 150 bullet hits are counted on Bonnie & Clyde's car.

The news of their deaths will have the opposite effect of the one expected by the feds: Admirers from all over the United States rush to see the couple's disfigured bodies. They will be buried separately on May 25 and 26. Prior to his meeting with Bonnie, Clyde was known for his various courtroom antics. The dial of the LAPS model features a 1928 portrait taken at the time of Clyde Barrow's first arrest when he was only 15 years old.


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