La Samaritaine


- 29/06/2021 -

After sixteen years of wondering when the Samaritaine would reopen, the big day has finally arrived. On Wednesday 23 June, the famous building finally welcomed its first customers, putting an end to the renovation that began in 2005. A new page for the iconic department stores', which is beginning its renewal while retaining its historical vocation: to offer creations in a variety of styles and to showcase the diversity of today's and tomorrow's trends. 


The New Samaritaine, now owned by LVMH, unveils a larger building, with completely renovated facades, but faithful to its original architecture, and its Art Nouveau style designed by architect Frantz Jourdain in 1905. However, this new 70,000m² space incorporates a new eco-responsible approach. The New Samaritaine project aims to combine economy and environment, using innovative systems. But the novelty is also a very new and original selection in the air of time, combining luxury and street-wear on a background of gold foils and green patio. A unique universe that will make you want to stroll for hours in search of all kinds of treasures. 

After passing through the doors of the building with its corrugated windows, you will discover the immense Jourdain glass roof, and the magnificent central staircase that will allow you to amble along the 10 levels. On the second floor, a place dedicated to jewelry and watches, you will find a selection of our most trendy watches, always in this subtle balance between art and fashion. Rediscover the elegance of the Modernist models, with their refined leather and sophisticated design. The ideal souvenir to offer yourself after a trip to this new Parisian temple of shopping.


With this new sales point, LAPS continues its integration in the heart of the French capital, and integrates a new structure synonymous of dream and creativity. Our watches are now present in all the inevitable addresses of the City of Light, and are waiting only for one thing: to reveal your singularity.

To discover the LAPS selection by La Samaritaine, visit 9 rue de la Monnaie, Paris 1st, 2nd floor


Overview of the selection LAPS by La samaritaine