Hilma af Klint


- 23/09/2021 -

The history of art, and particularly of abstract art, has too often erased women from its pages. LAPS has chosen to honor the creative genius of one of the artists of this part of modern and contemporary art, by editing two pieces of Hilma af Klint highlighted in the heart of our Signatures boxes with geometric lines.

Native of Sweden, Hilma af Klint had a passion for science, mathematics, botany and everything that helped her understand a little more the world around her.  However, it is in the artistic world that she distinguished herself, by imagining artworks transforming this same world into abstract and symbolic scenes inspired by her interest in spiritualism.


Her conformist paintings served as a pretext during her career as a painter, but it is her pieces with bright colors and circular shapes that will allow her to illustrate herself as a pioneer of abstract art, 20 years after her death.  A creative secret that she enriched for many years, and which remains today through more than 1,000 paintings that still have not all their metaphorical mysteries cleared up.

The Swan (No.17)
The Teaching of Buddhism (No. 3d)

Among them we find The Swan (No.17) and The Teaching of Buddhism (No. 3d), two iconic paintings that are now part of the abstract art landscape, and that you can find at LAPS in limited edition. You can still get one of the last copies of the Signature model "The Swan".


And to discover the original pieces of Hilma af Klint and of equally talented women painters, LAPS recommends the exhibition Women in Abastraction exclusively at the Centre Pompidou Paris, until August 23.

The Swan

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The Teatching

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