African designers


- 09/07/2021 -

Over the past few years, a refreshing style from Africa carried by a new wave of African designers, seems to have gained momentum, as evidenced by the Dior 2020 cruise collection. This one, the outcome of multiple collaborations has highlighted the work of several designers, such as Pathé'O, whose work was very appreciated by Nelson Mandela.  

But African fashion extends far beyond the big catwalks and what the collective imagination generally imagines. In the midst of the multiple patterns and printed fabrics, marketed and sold on the African continent for decades, it is easy to get lost in what is perceived as African fashion. In reality, African fashion is plural, and even seems too rich to be defined under a single style. Today it is embodied by a multitude of recognized or emerging designers, who imagine as many visions of their own African fashion. 


Some of these designers who want to give a sunny touch to today's fashion, are starting to make a place for themselves in the upper circles of the fashion society. We can think of Tongoro, the brand of Sarah Diouf, supported by Beyoncé, and to whom Loïc Prigent has dedicated an episode of his new fashion reviews on YouTube, or Thebe Magugu, the first African to have won at 26 years the LVMH prize 2019.

But many other creative artists of the contemporary African generation remain to be discovered, and rediscovered beyond the borders of their continent. In its quest for encounters between worlds, and influences from around the world, LAPS immortalized its escapade in Senegal, in a series of photos directed by Laurie Bartley. This shooting reveals the creations of Aristide Loua, artistic director and founder of the brand Kente Gentlemen, who has given himself the mission to sublimate African fabrics in their plurality, by moving away from traditional frames and received ideas.

The images from this collaboration reveal our latest designs highlighted by the radiant colors and poetic cuts of Aristide Loua's clothes. Follow us on Instagram to discover the complete journey of LAPS in Africa. And you can also join the adventure with our summery models.