LAPS x Gallery 51


- 26/11/2021 -

For our very first collaboration with a gallery we have chosen a reference in the field of photography. Welcome to the world of Gallery 51 where the art of this medium reveals all its creativity sublimated by the techniques of each artist represented.

Opened in 2000, Gallery 51 is specialized in art photography and works on paper. It has become a key player in the Belgian art scene, whose influence is gradually spreading beyond the country's borders. With a reputation and an international audience built up over more than 20 years, the gallery seeks creative emulation and innovation in the art world. A quest for meaning and aesthetics that is also very important to us at LAPS, and which has led the gallery on the path to our Parisian brand. This synergy gave birth to an original collaboration featuring three artworks carefully selected from the gallery's photographic collection, with the aim of bringing to life the work of the celebrated artists. An original project combining art photos and design watches, marking an important turning point for LAPS, which is working to develop its collection of artists' editions.

Malick Sidibé.

Born in a small village in Mali in 1935, Malick Sidibé was the first in his family to attend school. His sense of aesthetics develops very early thanks to his talent for drawing, before he discovers the art of photography. 

It is in this domain that he will become famous for his festive and lively pictures capturing African youth dancing joyfully to the rhythms of twist, cha cha cha and rock 'n roll. Full of life and movement, his work - like the " Ye-Ye Dancer " - transports us to a post-independence Mali and makes us want to join the dance. Often in black and white, his photographs immortalizing the ephemerality of a pose have earned him numerous awards and distinctions, including the Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres in 2002.

A Yé-yé dancer, 1965

Harry Gruyaert.

USA, Philadelphia, 2006

Belgian-born Harry Gruyaert found his calling in his passion for images and travel. After studying at the Brussels School of Cinema and Photography, these two passions led him to discover vibrant cities and creative horizons that greatly influenced his work. 

His encounters with pop artists such as Roy Lichtenstein and Robert Rauschenberg encouraged him to sublimate the different tones of everyday life, by seeking beauty in all its forms in the graphic contours of the world. An approach that allowed him to join the Magnum agency and its prestigious cooperative of member photographers. Seeing the world in color through his lens, his works testify to his quest for aesthetics. He always looks  for the magic moment that will give a unique image like this silhouette dressed in red with an enigmatic and vibrant look.

Bruno V. Roels.

Born in 1976, Bruno V. Roels lives and works in Ghent, in Belgium, where he shares his time between writing and photography. Considering the printing process - i.e. the transformation of a photograph into a tangible object - as important as the act of photographing itself, his work is marked by his desire to escape the "tyranny" of traditional photography. 

Freed from the search for the perfect film print, Roels prefers to give value to all the versions of a photograph that he arranges in a unique composition. To deliver his vision of the aesthetics of an image, he's seeking poetry and photographic truth, in sequences and fluctuations. The details of his photographs like those of the series "A Guide to Cherry Blossoms" are as many subjects and artistic motives for his printed works as a puzzle of elements sublimated by his printing techniques. 

A guide To Cherry Blossoms (Four Colors), 2019

Three limited editions, numbered and accompanied by their certificate of authenticity: