LAPS x Antonin Anzil


- 18/03/2022 -

Making art on white paper, without ink, without color, without pigment, this is the creative challenge that Antonin Anzil took on. To celebrate our new artistic collaboration, discover a universe of light and shadow on paper.

After studying at the École Européenne Supérieure de l'Image in Poitiers, then at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, Antonin Anzil first worked for the creative studio of Maison Francis Kurkdjian before fully focusing on the creation of his artistic world in paper. He develops a unique technique : using a dry point, the artist creates reliefs and patterns on the paper thanks to points meticulously sculpted on the surface of an immaculate white. It is in his studio that these panoramas of a new kind are drawn, combining poetry and architectural line, leaving each one to imagine his own message. Lunar landscapes, tapestry motifs, cottony decor, aerial views, Antonin's inspirations are as numerous and varied as the interpretations of his works.

Photo Credit : Nathalie Baetens
Photo Credit : Nathalie Baetens

His unique work has allowed him to collaborate with luxury brands and to be exhibited in galleries in France or in New York. Antonin Anzil's art can be found in the form of luminous sculptures,  folding screen or even champagne bottles adorned with a second skin paper case sculpted in shapes that reproduce the iconic aerial views of the Champagne vineyards.

Sublime material and unique skills to make a dial, this idea is not new to LAPS. The encounter with Antonin Anzil's universe naturally inspired a new artistic collaboration that gave birth to models made from different sculpted motifs. Let your imagination wander through the reliefs of these creations revealing in a singular way their play of shadows and lights. A new collaboration synonymous with innovation to create a dial in several dimensions, combining the know-how of the arts and crafts with the world of watchmaking.